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Man with the Self-Eating Face 16x20
Blue Rush oil on masonite
The Telltale Heart
Satan for President #2- oil on mason
Satan's Hot, Burning Cock
Key to the Universe oil on board 22x28
Corporate Greed
Great Coffee! ink on ill. bd. 11x17
Meat Rations (sold- prints available)
Capitalism Does not Care About Kids
Trippin' Balls- (3-D painting)
Night Smoke #2
Pink Dream- oil on masonite, 18x24"
Feed Your Head
Parallel Dimensions- oil on masonite, 18
Peppermints with Lincoln in the Land of Extreme Albinism oil on masonite 16x20
Depression- oil on masonite
Lightheaded oil on board 11x14
Mother of the Madman oil on masonite 16x20
When the Acid Kicked In
Pain Metaphor with Handcuffs
Read the Label! acrylic on masonite 16x20
Self Portrait as Psychic Energy 16x20
Steppenwolf oil on masonite 8x10
When it Came oil on masonite 16x20


I work in oils and acrylics on masonite. All of my pieces are easy to frame, and arrive to you  varnished and ready to hang.  If a piece has sold-- no worries! I have affordable PRINTS available as well. To inquire about a painting, drawing or print, just email me at:

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