September 24th, 2015:


After many succesful shows, and a long period of intense creative productivity (3-4 years non-stop), I am taking a brief rest to try out new visual ideas. I have many concepts that I want to develop, and I don't want to jump into them too quickly. I have been incredibly productive with my paintings and my pen and ink work, and I am very happy to be working so many great galleries----- but I need a quick rest to nurture my soul.

Plus-- my old bandmate Dan Z will be joining me soon on bass in my acid jazz power trio NOD, along with Chris Williamson on drums once again. This is a very powerful musical combination, and I'm very excited to play with these guys again. Historically, when we hit the stage, people go insane. We tear the stage apart with our sound.  People get so freaked out by our playing they crawl around on the floor like maniacs. The last time we played in Buffalo, people ripped the posters off of the wall and asked us to sign them. So, it appears we will once again be blowing peoples' minds with our music, and I couldn't be happier about it.


So, this means that I will be happily dancing with both of my muses once again; art and music. Both rely on color, and both rely on texture, and the dance is a familiar one-- I've spent my entire adult life making love to both.


I will be announcing shows---- both musical and artistic ones-- right here very soon.