I’ve been drawing and painting my entire life, and I’ve had countless solo and group shows, but I feel like I’m just getting started. Art is truly a gift that keeps on giving. My paintings speak to people in a language that words can’t embrace. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to connect to other people through this creative energy. Similar to a jazz musician who hits certain notes to evoke emotion in the listener, I use subject matter, light, form and color to inspire my audience. I want to show creative energy as I see it; as a light-filled force that moves through people and the universe.

     This creative energy has given my life a beautiful sense of purpose and meaning, and anytime another person is touched by my work, however slightly, I’m grateful.

Buffalo Evening News Article
Artist Talk at 464 Gallery
Sean and Bill Shafer
"Black Line Madness"
Me in full swing during a concert
On the cover of Shutterbug
Scarlet Sponge Cover
Old Show Poster from 464
Show poster for Burbank
Muffin Man Poster
Brooklyn Group Show
Buffalo Evening News
Fashion Show Article
My 1st book launch party
My favorite place
E Bow
Jamming at Grassroots
Working in the studio
Artist Portrait

Please note that I'm only including larger, major shows here. My intent is simply to give you an idea of the various places I've exhibited. 


11/19: "The Primal City" show at the Brassworks Gallery in Portland, OR. Three of my 3D paintings are in this show. 

7/19:  "In Dreams" solo show at the Goo-Goo Dolls' studio, "GCR Audio," in Buffalo. This featured many of my 3D works, which patrons viewed with 3D glasses. 

6/19:  "Ghost in the Machine" great 5 artist show at the Revolution Gallery in Buffalo with Nan Cherry and Pooch. 

3/19:   "In the Valley of She" Group show at the Brassworks Gallery in Portland, OR. Curated by Robin Underground

10/18:  "A Show of Heads" Group show at the Limner Gallery in Hudson, N.Y.

2/18:  "2018 Emerging Artist of the Year" Very honored that I won this competition at the Limner Gallery in Hudson, N.Y. As winner, a large portion of my catalog will be published in the 2018 Direct Art Magazine.

1/18: "Light Over Dark: The Art of Sean Madden" This was a very successful, well-publicized show at the Genesee/Orleans Arts Council (GoArt) in Batavia. 

5/17: "Graphic Intercourse" Pen and ink show with artist Tom Webb at the Paracosm Arts Center in Buffalo. After a long break from exhibiting to focus on other creative projects, I began showing work again with this awesome pen and ink exhibit at Tara Sasiadek's gallery in Buffalo.

10/16: The Revolution Gallery in Buffalo-- "Grand Opening Show!"

7/15: "Absolutely Free" Artist talk and solo show at the 464 Gallery in Buffalo

3/15: "Stop the Press" Group show at the Dream factory in Germany

9/15: "The Bros. Grimm" Group show at the Dream Factory in Germany.

1/15: "The Alchemy of Dreams" Highly publicized, very successful show in Buffalo, NY at the Hi-Temp Gallery. This show featured work by Buffalo artist Tara Sasiadek and myself.

10/14: "Day of the Dead" Group show at The Night Gallery in Santa Ana, California

7/14-"Psychotic Reaction" The Hyaena Gallery in L.A. This successful solo show featured 20 surrealistic works.

8/13- "Freak Out" The Hyaena Gallery in LA. This successful solo show was an homage to Frank Zappa’s music. Each painting was based on a different Zappa title.

6/13- "Speaking in Tongues #2" Black Vulture Gallery in Philadelphia

1/13 "The Boy from Saturn (Solo) Show" Grass Roots Gallery in Rochester, NY

10/12- "Carnival of Terror" Group show at the Gristle Gallery in Brooklyn

6/12- "Superheroes and Villains" Group show at the Gristle Gallery in Brooklyn

4/12 "Black Line Madness" Pen and inkshow at the 464 Gallery in Buffalo

4/12 "Sacrilege" at the Congregation Gallery in LA

2/12- "The Works of Donnie Green, Eric Richardson and SeanMadden" Group show at Black Vulture Gallery in Philadelphia, PA

11/11- "Black Line Madness" Pen and ink show at Art to Zen in Rochester, NY

6/11- "The Zen of Madness" solo show at Art to Zen in Rochester, NY

4/11- The Limner Gallery- Hudson, NY "2011 Emerging Artists Show"

3/11- The Hyaena Gallery- LosAngeles "It Rubs Off" Graphite Show

3/11- The MF Gallery- Brooklyn, NY-  "40oz. Show"

1/11- "Beyond the Sun" book launch at the 464 Gallery

7/10- "3D Art Show" at the 464 Gallery

5/1/10- "The Love Show"-The Claude Gallery- Yonkers

4/10- The 464 Gallery-"The Good, the Bad, the Bizarre." Solo Show

11/08: The Limner Gallery- "A Show of Heads"  Hudson,NY

8/07: "The Twisted World of Sean Madden"- This was a very successful solo show at the College Street Gallery in Buffalo, N.Y.