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Peppermints with Lincoln in the Land of Extreme Albinism oil on masonite 16x20
SpacePup oil on masonite 11x14
Queen of Oranges
HeartHead (sold-prints available).jpg
Joe's Last Smoke oil on masonite 16x20
Betty's Hole in the Sky (sold)
Fish Lincoln
And Now...
The Deep-Space Goddess (sold- prints ava
Evelyn, the Modified Dog (sold)
Johnny Frankenstein (sold-prints availab
FlashBamPow Mascot #2
The Grand Vizier's Garden Party oil on canvas 16x20
Stewie (sold)
Don't Forget the Eggs!
Her Window
And She Cooks, Too! (sold- prints availa
The Sun is the Mind of the Sky oil on board 22x28
Lightheaded oil on board 11x14
Read the Label! acrylic on masonite 16x20
Squidboy oil on masonite 8x10 (sold- prints available)
Steppenwolf oil on masonite 8x10
The Evelyns (sold-prints available)
The Man with the Little Girl Face oil on masonite 11x14
The Muffin Man (sold-prints available)
When it Came oil on masonite 16x20

Other Worlds, Strange Creatures

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