I've been drawing and painting since early childhood. I was heavily influenced as a teenager by surrealists such as Ernst Fuchs and Salvador Dali.  At 16, I was lucky enough to be placed in a fine arts apprentice program in downtown Buffalo, NY.  While there, I learned how to use color and light as tools of dynamic expression. At this time (1978), I was also very influenced by psychedelic-era artists  Robert Crumb, Robert Williams and S. Clay Wilson-- all of whom were the original artists responsible for ZAP Comics.  The unapologetic level of expression of these artists appealed to me instantly and opened my mind up to new creative possibilities.

It was also at this time that I developed an understanding of the therapeutic qualities, and also the political power of art. I vowed early on to stay true to this as an artist--- and I've lived up to this vow throughout my career as an artist. 

My work has been exhibited, published, and sought after globally as book covers, magazines, underground comic books and t-shirts. Most importantly, I've used my work as a tool to help others.

I'm currently a member of the Buffalo Society of Artists, and Emerging Leaders in the Arts- Buffalo (ELAB).

I'm also the winner of the 2018 ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD at Tim Slowinski's Limner Gallery!


When  not painting or drawing, I'm playing 7-string jazz guitar with my acid jazz power trio, "FlashBamPow."