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Sean Madden is an artist and illustrator. His work has been exhibited and published across the globe.  His art has been used everywhere-- books, magazines, galleries, t-shirts--  etc.   After decades of exhibiting his work regularly, he took a much need break to focus on his music, constantly practicing, writing and recording.

His art is now the graphic backdrop for his band, FlashBamPow-- (posters, CD covers, fliers) and all of his solo guitar projects

Enter through this door to see Sean's art!


Sean Madden is also a guitarist in the acid funk quartet FlashBamPow and the jazz duo Head Cheese.  He is a very busy guitarist who is always learning, practicing, writing and working on new projects.  Come in to see videos of him playing, get merchandise (posters, CD's, shirts), or to check out his gig schedule!

Enter through this door to hear Sean's guitar!

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